Button is finally maturing in her viewing pleasure. We saw Cinderella at the weekend and she didn’t cry. So I decided to try Harry Potter and she loved it! She immediately asked to watch the next one, which we saved for today.  She’s desperate to watch the next one, which is probably the last for a while – I have said that she must read the book of each before she watches them again and will probably insist on the books being read before watching the rest of the films too.  Widget is much braver by nature, she didn’t follow today’s film, instead choosing to play in the same room and come and go.

Meanwhile today I had an, unwanted, parenting first – finding a small, live louse on Button! We spent the rest of the morning delousing.

This afternoon I had another parenting first, we went for school shoes and NEITHER Button nor Widgey’s feet had grown!!

Yesterday I finally got around to measuring Button, 140cm, definitely tall enough to wave goodbye to the booster seat – which should probably have happened several months ago.

Widget didn’t want lasagne for supper. She loves Spag Bol, so I told her that it was tough that was what was for supper! So I made it, she wasn’t keen until I took it out of the oven when she said it looked yummy! She ate with gusto and asked for seconds – which is highly unusual and I take as a great accolade! I love cooking for my girls.

That’s the second time in a week that my cookings been commended – GFW really liked my chocolate fudge cake at Easter.

If you know me, then you know that camping doesn’t fit well with me!

It was cold on Thursday evening, the heating didn’t come on on Friday morning but it was Friday evening before I worked out that the heating wasn’t working.  It was Button who suggested that we’d run out of gas! We’re on auto-top-up, we shouldn’t run out.  Apparently we were due for a delivery on Sunday – at least 3 days too late as it turns out.

The pilot light was relit by my neighbour, but still the heating isn’t working.   So we’re all sleeping in my room with an electric heater, we’ve moved into the drawing room to use the fire and I’m showering downstairs under a pathetic electric shower – more of a dribble actually.  It feels like we’re camping.

I stink of woodsmoke, but the shower is so useless that I’ll have to stay that way!  Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow.  The boiler is 25 years old, my fingers are crossed.

Meanwhile Button has her first Brownie sleepover in May, so I’m planning what she needs to camp – in a village hall!

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Singalong a Frozen, we went with 5 other families from Button’s class last term, including 2 families of boys.  Button sat with the boys at the cinema and the meal afterwards, and she laughed, smiled and giggled – it makes me happy and sad all at once.  Happy to see a glimpse of the sparkle, but so sad that it confirms how miserable she’s been and how much she’s missing her ‘lovely boys’.

I’m thankful tonight that today the laughs were Button’s and the tears were mine.


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